Geometric Intimacy

Geometric Intimacy series show us the human being inside an almost surreal dimension rich in intimacy, freedom, duplicity and geometry. 

These elements, through the human body and dance, find full interaction with each other in the Teatro Continuo designed by artist Alberto Burri in 1973 and located in Sempione Park in the very center of Milan.

In this scenic machine, the six lateral steel wings painted in black and white have allowed us to show double nature of Giovanni's performance, resulting both from the need for intimacy of consciousness as a spiritual sphere before entering the scene, and from the real need of freedom and movement.

Again a duplicity, a yin and yang that artists Michele and Andrea aimed to represent in this work, a need to stop and at the same time to break free, a symbolism that undoubtedly recalls our entry and exit from the Covid 19 quarantine.

The sobriety of the Continuo Theater refers to the simple beauty of the dancing body which with its shapes and its interaction with lights and shadows forms surreal figures that in turn recall geometric rigor of Burri's structure thus creating an ongoing mix of delightful visual contrasts.

Michele Piralla, photographer

Andrea Bevere, body painter

Giovanni Leone, dancer

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