Michele is a portrait photographer born in 1987 near Orta Lake, in Piedmont, Italy.

Thanks to his family and lot of trips in Europe on the road (especially in France), music and photography are his best friends since he was a child. He started studying the drums, listening to dad's music store records and shooting films with family cameras.

After high school he achieves a certificate in CPM for Digital Music Production and a Bachelor with merits in Audio Production as an audio engineer at SAE Institute Milan.He never left photography, even through his full 10 years as an Audio Engineer in post production at Bondi Brothers in Milan, practicing and testing his skills with new cameras and new kind of subjects. These 10 years are full of happy and sad moments: he gains access to work and satisfactions linked to it but at the same time he looses his mother and his girlfriend. He wants to stay alone, away from people. He starts developing a repulsion against people...until time and photography help him to change his way of seeing things.

He wants to reconcile his relationship with people, he wants to learn about people, he wants to talk about people. And he thinks photography is the best way to do it.

Currently based in Milan. For any questions contact me info@michelepiralla.com

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